Probate Court

Chester Probate Court Relocated

The Saybrook Probate Court office in Chester has moved to the Old Saybrook Town Hall. The new address is:
Saybrook Probate Court
302 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

The Probate Court for the District of Saybrook is one of the oldest Probate Districts in the State of Connecticut. Originally established in 1780 to serve the people residing in the area that currently comprises the towns of Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Killingworth, Clinton, Essex, Deep River, and Chester, the Saybrook Probate Court now serves the citizens of Chester and their families.

The Probate Court is part of the judicial branch of state government and is supported primarily by fees established by state statute. The Town of Chester is responsible for providing the Probate Court with an office, vault space, and a budget for supplies and microfilming probate records.

Probate Courts were initially established to probate wills and settle decedent’s estates. Over the years, however, the jurisdiction of the Probate Court has been expanded by the state legislature to encompass a variety of other matters, including conservatorships for persons who are unable to manage their personal and/or financial affairs, guardianships of mentally retarded persons, parental rights matters, adoptions, and guardianships of minor children. The Probate Court also handles changes of name and applications for passports.