Board of Finance

The Board of Finance oversees the raising and expending of Town revenues. During the year, we review actual performance against the budget, approve bills, and make or recommend adjustments to the budget as necessary. Each year, working with the Board of Selectmen, we review the annual budget request of each commission, board, and department. Once the Board of Selectmen recommends an expense budget, we determine the corresponding revenue requirement and recommend a balanced budget to Town Meeting. Once the Town voters pass the budget, we set the mil rate such that the Town has sufficient funds to support the approved budget. We are always looking to improve the efficiency of our Town government and increase revenues.

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Board Members

Name Title
John O'Hare Chairman
Andrew Gardner Member
Roger Labrecque Member
Michael Jordan Member
Deborah Vilcheck Member
Steve Cline Alternate
John Connelly Alternate
Justin Kronholm Alternate
John Chillock Member