Main Street Project

Mission Statement

Engage the community, consult with experts, research similar projects, and communicate with governing authorities and utility companies to establish project limits, design criteria, budget, phasing and schedule for the reconstruction of Main Street for consideration and approval by the Board of Selectmen and the community at large. Seek out and identify sources of funding. Assist the Board of Selectmen in managing the design and construction process by engaging with qualified design professionals and site contractors. Continue to keep the community informed throughout the entire process.

The Selectmen have endeavored to include a diverse group of individuals with complementary skills and backgrounds, with any individual potentially fulfilling one or more of them. The following skills and backgrounds have been identified as vital to the makeup of the Committee, however the membership may be open to others with related skills, knowledge or backgrounds:

  • A member of the Planning & Zoning Commission
  • A member of the WPCA
  • A Board of Selectmen representative
  • An urban designer or landscape architect
  • An architect
  • A civil engineer
  • A merchant
  • A Main Street resident
  • A person with road construction experience
  • A person with fire safety experience
  • An at-large member

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Jordan Chair
Cynthia Lignar Member
John Schroeder Member
Leslie Strauss Member
Jeremy Ziemann Member